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My favorite album by them!


My favorite album by them!

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hey here’s the final version of that audio project if u care!!

Huge thanks to Matt for writing the song and being the best and to Greg, Armando, Nathan, Andrew, and Brian for contributing their voices <3 much love for you all

It’s far from perfect, but I’m pretty happy with it, any feedback would be welcome and cool


here are the lyrics:

i think things will get better in time/ as long as i keep trying to see a light

if i slip between the cracks of negativity / know that it is temporary

that i still believe in building / a community

i’m sorry if i ever made you worry / or said something dumb or took what you said wrongly

"thanks for calling me out man, i swear it won’t happen again"

i am learning x4

to not hate myself, to not hate this place, to not hate at all or even say it in a joking tone to my friends because they think i am a negative person

this is something I did for school

check it out

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thinking about starting to occasionally post songs I’ve really been digging lately on here, regardless of association with this label


Getting Better, by P.S. 118

new album ft. some demos/acoustic tracks/b-sides

swagjohncage replied to your post: I do it for the fans

Not for the nookie

never for the nookie

Does anyone run a music blog or music oriented site that would like to review some upcoming releases?

I do it for the fans

Reminder that everything we have ever released is up for free download

Orders for next tape release should be up this week at some point

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I’ve got a planet on my mind 
It’s with me all the time 
It eats me out inside 
then throws away the rind