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Anonymous asked:
I had a dream about the modest mouse covers but I don't remember reading that is what really happening. So I thought it was fake until I saw that ask lol

ahahaha no it’s definitely happening. i have 32 songs filled up

beaglefreaks asked:
How will the modest mouse comp be released? Vinyl or tapes or whatever

digital for “name your price” with all donations benefited a charity which I will announce when it comes out

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recorded a cover of sleepwalkin’ with kendall for the modest mouse TFG comp


ayyy hahaha

Anonymous asked:
I've been trying to make a large purchase on your website but I've gotten error messages from PayPal telling me to try again later. What should I do?

Can you email me at and we can figure out what the issue might be? Sorry about this and thanks!!

on a non-music level, this is one of the most important things I’ve ever purchased.  I bought it about 25 seconds after it went on sale and I’ve read it many times and it’s very near and dear to me.

what have you guys been listening to lately? give me some homework music to listen to???

P.S. 118 released an album a short while ago and I will be finally making tapes for it this weekend, check it out if you haven’t!

captain we’re sinking: truly underrated, but one of the finest

hello friends listen to this album

I am making tapes for this album this weekend and they will be available to order

this is a great band